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You should always start the process of brand protection with a trademark search. Is your chosen company or product name available to protect? Would it infringe on someone else’s trademark?

Searching the trademark databases has a steep learning curve. MUSA Trademark will save you a lot of time and effort in helping you navigate the trademark databases in Taiwan and around the world.


Search is crucial

Every conversation about trademarks should start and end with a search. Most countries now provide free online trademark databases that we can search. 


Ask the right questions

Finding exact matches is fairly straight forward. You search for ABC and get any trademarks that contain ABC. But sometimes your trademark might infringe something that is not exact, just similar. MUSA Trademark can help you dig deeper.

Trademark Search FAQs

Where is the Taiwan Trademark Search?

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) is providing an advanced trademark function on their website. 


TIPO Taiwan Trademark Search

TIPO Trademark Search

How to do a proper search?

We have a great article in our blog that explains all the ins and outs about how to do searches for Taiwan-registered trademarks:

Can I only search for text marks?

No, you can also search by other information like trademark owner, case number and dates. Then there are of course other type of marks like sounds, shapes, colors, holograms, and motions.

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