About MUSA Trademark

MUSA Trademark is a proud member of both French and Canadian Chambers of Commerce


Since 2009, MUSA Trademark has been providing professional full-range trademark services such as application processing, search and viewing, objection, revocation, trademark management for overseas and domestic corporate strategy and industry.

With years of experience, we help our clients optimize their intellectual property strategies by providing high-quality, efficient services. Our goal is not only to fulfill each client’s intellectual property needs but also to obtain the widest possible range of protection for our client.

We take great pride in our profession and excellence, we understand the importance of standing with our clients to protect their intellectual property. This is what makes our service unique.

We help individuals, non-profits and companies apply for trademarks around the world, but it is with Taiwan and China that we really shine.

We are based in central Taipei. Come and see us and discuss your next trademark-related concerns and issues.

Community Service

The PACK Sanctuary

The PACK Sanctuary is an animal well-fare organization based in northern Taiwan. MUSA Trademark has helped them apply for trademarks free of charge. MUSA staff has also repeatedly volunteered with PACK.


Dragons’ Chamber

Dragons’ Chamber is a pitch event organized by the Canadian Chamber and Enspyre to give foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan a platform for raising the funds they need to start and grow their businesses. MUSA sponsored the 2017 event with prices for the winning teams.


What’s happening at the world of trademarks?

The World Intellectual Property Organization has just released their annual report on intellectual property. Let us see what is happening on the state of global trademark applications. As of September 2018, five offices account for 60% of the world trademark filing...

Managing your trademark: Follow a branding plan!

For most trademark holders, when they are using their trademark, they may not stick to the original design forever; they may change the form or adding some note so the trademark can fit the current business plan better. Are there any risks hidden in this?...

Why branding begins with trademark protection

Having a strong brand goes a long way in determining consumer behavior towards any purchase. But building a strong and recognizable brand takes time, money and effort. BEFORE you spend all that effort building your brand you should trademark your company and product names so no one else can interfere with your brand.

Developing your global trademark strategy

We all know that developing a global strategy saves money in the long run, and if coupled with brand strategy, you can build strong brands. However, trademark rights are recognized on a by country basis. Business owners are required to register on a per country basis...

Case Study: How many startups have trademarks?

Meet Taipei became a great market study for us to know more about the state of how trademarks are perceived as part of a startup’s long-term strategy. We managed to get the information of 138 booths, and checked with their company name if they have registered their...

Differences between China and Taiwan trademark laws

In the recent survey we conducted among startups and small businesses, the next trademark registration destination is China. Here are some trademark law differences between Taiwan and China: First to file basis First to file basis When a trademark is registered, it is...