Trademark Strategy

With few exceptions you need to apply for your trademark protection in each country you want to sell in. Today and in the near future. Even if you are a small startup or a growing company, you need a trademark strategy so that as you expand, you are protected.

You also need to think clearly about classes you will apply for. Do not forget about new products or services that you plan to expand to in the future.

You have to be careful since applying for a trademark might give your competitors insights into your plans.

MUSA Trademark assists you in assessing, researching, and prioritizing your trademark needs to formulate a long-term trademark strategy.

Educate yourself with Trademark classes

Trademark classes are categories of products or services that characterizes your business. Knowing what you need now in the future is essential in your long-term trademark strategy.

Learn the necessary steps to protect your trademark

High-profile cases of trademark infringements can also happen to small business. MUSA Trademark evaluates the needed steps to protect your trademark.

Trademark Strategy FAQs

How important is a trademark strategy?

A good trademark strategy is one of the sources of success of famous entrepreneurs. Read on about out what we have written on trademark strategy here.

What are trademark classes?

To register your trademark, you need to decide which classes you need to protect it in. For example, if you will make a computer, most likely you will not register your trademark in the candy category. You pay a fee for every class you register in so you want to decide how well you want and can afford to be protected.  Learn more about NICE trademark classifications here.

Do you have some case studies I can refer to?

We have some interesting experience we can share you. Take a look at this chocolate company with how they need to recall their packages.

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