Japan Trademark

A trademark is at the core of your brand, serving as a crucial component of your corporate’s identity and image.
Having a registered trademark it’s essential when expanding into different countries.
With MUSA registering your trademark, protecting the value of your brand.
Establishing trust, loyalty and competitiveness in the new market.

Japan Trademark
Application Procedure

MUSA Suggestion

Please also provide the katakana trademark

In Japanese, katakana is often used in foreign wording. Therefore, when submitting a trademark in a foreign language, it is necessary to apply for a katakana trademark registration that corresponds to the brand’s pronunciation in Japanese. This will help protect your brand’s rights and commercial interests in the Japanese market.

Step 01

Japan trademark search

Before filing your application, we will conduct a trademark search in the Japan trademark database. To help you evaluate the risk of trademark application.Japan has their own katakana system for foreign trademarks, so we will pay special attention to conducting similarity searches for Japanese katakana trademarks.

Step 02

Choosing the subclasses from Japan trademark classification

In Japan, trademark classes group products and services into specific subclasses under the NICE classification. Companies can register the same trademark in different subclasses if they aren’t considered similar. Including all relevant business scopes in the application, covering each subclass, is crucial for optimal protection in one filing

Step 03


Our team of trademark experts will manage all necessary documentation on your behalf and submit the application.

Step 04

Procedure Monitoring

After submission, we will keep you updated on the current status of your case.

Step 05

Obtain Protection

We will update the registered information to our own system for future notice and forward the paper certificate to you.

Step 06

Monitoring fro Renewal

Forgetting to file for renewal can result in the expiration of your trademark rights. We will update the trademark information in our system and send reminders when it is time for renewal.

Japan Trademark System

Basic Information

  • Competent authority: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, METI
  • National Intellectual Property Administration: J-Platpat
  • Examination period: 12 months
  • Duration of trademark right: 10 years
  • Renewal: 6 months before expiry date


  • Form Examination: 12 month
  • Substantive Examination: 12 months
  • Publication: 12 months

Legal Requirements

  • Applicant information: Name of the Applicant, address, nationality.
  • Drawing of the trademark
  • Identify and classify your goods or services.

Client’s feedback

“ MUSA trademark helped us to maximize the effect of our trademark with their professional and integrity service.”

VANA LIVING INC 法鈉生活 - Musa trademark customer

Chloe Lin, Product Manager, VANA LIVING INC

" Thorough and satisfactory in service. Penetrating insight. Reasonable price."

BIO PLANÈTE 碧歐星球 - Musa trademark customer

Asia Marketing Manager of BIO PLANÈTE

" MUSA was very objective and provided us with suggestions on how and where to register our trademark which will fit our business plan. Knowing that they will do their best to help us solve related problems, we handed over our trademarks to MUSA and the applications went well and successfully obtained trademark registration."

德芙生醫 - Musa trademark customer

General Manager of DFON Biomedical Technology

“ The Amazon Taiwan Business Development Manager introduced us to MUSA Trademark. MUSA understood our needs clearly and assisted Guruming Tech in applying for a trademark in the US. We are very pleased with MUSA Trademark's services and successfully obtained our trademark registration.”

Guruming Tech - Musa trademark customer

Shipping/Business Assistant, Guruming Tech Co., Ltd,

“ MUSA has helped us apply for several trademarks. Despite some tough reviews from the trademark office we appreciate MUSA’s dedication and hard work.”

Englist - Musa trademark customer

Adam Hatch / CEO, Englist

OqLiq digital showcase @ London Fashion Week

OqLiq digital showcase @ London Fashion Week

Congratulations to MUSA's client oqLiq, they are about to have a digital showcase during in London Fashion Week on 2/22 PM19:30 !!! About oqLiq Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on...

Case Study: BIO PLANÈTE 碧歐星球

Case Study: BIO PLANÈTE 碧歐星球

BIO PLANÈTE 碧歐星球 describes themselves as German quality awareness with French savoir vivre. They specialize in the natural production of organic oils made from plants grown using ecological agriculture. 服務的內容: 大陸台灣商標註冊 BIO PLANÈTE 碧歐星球 hired MUSA Trademark to help...

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Keego Mobility is a Taiwanese startup founded by an international group of founders. They are building a complete, environmental and sustainable solution for last mile deliveries. The complete solution is made up of their own purpose-built ebikes and escooters, an APP...

4 reasons why you need a Japan Trademark

First to file

Whoever files for a trademark first becomes its owner in Japan and you as the original brand owner overseas will lose the legal right to use the name in the Japan market.

Trademark squatter and trademark infringement

Trademark squatting is a widespread and critical issue. The trademark squatter could be a third party or even your local partner. Once your trademark has been squatted, the cost of retrieval, whether through lawsuit or purchase, is unpredictable.

Proof of legal ownership

Trademark registration serves as official proof of legal ownership, helping safeguard your brand identity and preventing unauthorized use. Additionally, it’s a crucial aspect when signing business contracts.

Legal Protection

Registering a trademark in Japan provides legal protection for your brand and products. This means that if other companies or individuals attempt to use a similar mark to confuse consumers, you can take legal action to protect your rights.

Protecting Your Brand Worldwide with MUSA Trademark.