OqLiq digital showcase @ London Fashion Week

Feb 22, 2022 | Clients, EU Trademark, Events, Japan Trademark, Trademark Blog, US Trademark

Congratulations to MUSA’s client oqLiq, they are about to have a digital showcase during in London Fashion Week on 2/22 PM19:30 !!!

About oqLiq
Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on functional simplicity. Based in Tainan, Taiwan, 10 years in the industry have resulted in oqLiq garnering much global attention.

For this season, in terms of materials, oqLiq has incorporated the use of a lightweight fabric made from oyster shells combined with recycled plastic bottles ; the fabric is then fused together with insulation layers via a high-pressure sealing process to minimize stitching hence keeping the heat trapped between the wearer and the clothing.

The design team focuses on technical design and innovative materials with minimalist utilitarian features to complete and redefine urban outdoor clothing.

Oqliq’s process starts from the fabrics – from there, founders and designers Kay and Orbit build each of their creations into a piece of high-quality garments with a real purpose for their everyday customers.


10 years in the industry have resulted in oqLiq garnering much global attention and MUSA is honored to join the journey to help them protect their good name with a strong Trademark Strategy.

Let’s support our own Taiwanese fashion brand! Follow and subscribe to their channel to get the newest updates.

Schedule virtual show on LFW
Live stream time:
2022/02/22 AM11:30 GMT
2022/02/22 AM06:30 EST
2022/02/22 PM19:30 Taipei


oqLiq 22AW @LFW 

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