Trademark Watch

Trademark watching is an important part of a trademark protection strategy. A good trademark agent should check if there are older similar trademarks and register an application even if there is a likelihood of confusion. Trademark owners need to monitor all new application so that they can file an opposition in case of a likelihood of confusion.

MUSA Trademark not only does the searching and monitoring for you, but also educates and consults on the trademark procedures in other countries. This process is time-consuming and that’s when you need a trusted trademark agent.

Get only relevant recommendations

We asses your trademark strategy and do a database search of the needed countries or classes to monitor.

Worldwide scope

MUSA Trademark has network of partners around the world to ensure that your trademarks are protected at a global scale.

Trademark Watch FAQs

What is included in trademark watch?

As part of trademark watching process, we also point out similarities in:

  • Word meanings, not limited to identical or similar word matches
  • Phonetic matches—beyond just identical or similar word and character matches based on visual similarities, our linguists are also able to recognize phonetic (sound) matches
  • Visual resemblance of images
  • The class and relationship of goods and services through analysis.
Why is trademark watching useful?

As with any type of trademark infringement or misuse, the earlier such applications are identified, the easier it is for companies to enforce their IP rights. This is particularly the case where a third party is seeking to register a potentially conflicting trademark, as brand owners with prior rights need to adhere to strict deadlines for submitting objections (or oppositions) to challenge such registrations.

How do I begin watching my trademark watch?

You can begin with the searching the trademark database, which is locally and then the WIPO for international cases. This is time-intensive. That’s why you need a trademark agent to help you in the process.

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