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We help local and international businesses in trademark applications. MUSA Trademark has a network of partners worldwide to assist you in trademark registrations.


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Confused about which class to register your trademark? Want to know the pros and cons of changing your logo?  MUSA gets your strategy right so you can maximize your trademark’s potential.


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Worried about somebody else copying your trademark without permission? Let MUSA Trademark be your watchdog for potential trademark infringements.


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We assist companies in their strategic decision of brand protection through an extensive trademark report which details recommended trademark classes, goods, and services.

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Since 2009, the MUSA Trademark Team has been providing professional full-range trademark services such as application processing, search and viewing, objection, revocation, and trademark management for overseas and domestic companies.

We take great pride in our profession and excellence, we understand the importance of standing with our clients to protect their intellectual property.

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Diverse experience in applying local and international trademarks

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Hundreds of trademarks applied successfully

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Applying for a trademark involves strategy, thinking, and other factors you must consider. Let MUSA Trademark handle your trademark registration.

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沐智挺新創! MUSA Trademark @ 2021 Meet Taipei 創新創業嘉年華

沐智挺新創! MUSA Trademark @ 2021 Meet Taipei 創新創業嘉年華

亞洲最大 2021 Meet Taipei 創新創業嘉年華開展倒數! 沐智商標與創業夥伴Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan及Enspyre 安石國際 共同舉辦的Dragons' Chamber 創業競賽決選將在11/20下午1點在躍動舞台Ahead Stage登場。 我們更將在會展期間,現場為企業及新創提供免費商標諮詢服務。 公司設立登記完成 會自動保護商標嗎? 計劃進軍海外市場 不知如何保護商標? 辛苦建立品牌形象 轉角遇到商標蟑螂? 創業路上出現的各種商標疑慮 讓我們為你解答!!!...

Come and see the 6th Dragons’ Chamber at Meet Taipei

Come and see the 6th Dragons’ Chamber at Meet Taipei

For the 6th year in a row Dragons’ Chamber, the pitch event specifically for foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan, took place on November 20th. MUSA Trademark has been sponsoring our trademark consulting service for years and this is the 3rd year in a row, we are honored...

See you at 2021 Meet Taipei Startup Festival 

See you at 2021 Meet Taipei Startup Festival 

Meet Taipei, we are back! 2021 Meet Taipei startup festival will be open in one week and this is will be the 5th year MUSA Trademark this amazing event. This year, we will provide trademark consultation at the booth, email us for further arrangement. Meet Taipei...

Q&A all you need to know about company name and trademark in Taiwan

Q&A all you need to know about company name and trademark in Taiwan

We have collected some of the more common questions we receive about company names and trademarks in Taiwan. Perhaps your next conundrum is already answered here? Keep in mind, registering a trademark is very affordable but dealing with a trademark conflict is very...

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Keego Mobility is a Taiwanese startup founded by an international group of founders. They are building a complete, environmental and sustainable solution for last mile deliveries. The complete solution is made up of their own purpose-built ebikes and escooters, an APP...



Vana Living is the one-stop destination for all things Scandinavian design and lifestyle in Taiwan. 分享服務的內容: 為琺鈉生活股份有限公司申請各類代理進口品牌商標註冊,和美國商標註冊。 What kind of service MUSA provide: MUSA help VANA register their the trademark in Taiwan and in the US 以專業誠信服務協助客戶最大效率化達成案子。...

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MUSA has helped hundreds of local and International companies with their trademarks.

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“MUSA trademark helped us to maximize the effect of our trademark with their professional and integrity service.”

Chloe Lin

Product Manager, VANA LIVING INC

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“MUSA has helped us apply for several trademarks. Despite some tough reviews from the trademark office we appreciate MUSA’s dedication and hard work.”

Adam Hatch

CEO, Englist

Enspyre says MUSA helped them get the best legal protection for their brand

“MUSA clearly understood our needs and helped us to successfully obtain trademark registration in the US.”

Sandy Wang

Shipping/Business Assistant, Guruming Tech Co., Ltd.


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