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MUSA Trademark is a Taiwanese trademark agent, we can help you apply for your trademarks in Taiwan and around the world.

Taiwan Trademark Search

Trademark searches can be tricky. You have to find not only the exact matches but also trademarks that the government might consider to be similar to yours. With years of experience handling hundreds of cases, MUSA has gotten pretty good at this.

Taiwan Trademark Office

In Taiwan it is the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office that since 1999 manages Trademarks, Patents, and other intellectual property rights.

Taiwan Trademark Database

The TIPO keeps the official database of Taiwanese trademarks. Here you can find not just trademarked words, but also sounds, 3D shapes, colors, holograms, motions and more.

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MUSA’s professionals helped us with our trademarks and we would very much recommend their services.

– Elias Ek, COO, Docceo www.docceo.com

Protecting Your Good Name is our Passion

Since 2009, the MUSA Trademark Team has been providing professional full-range trademark services such as application processing, search and viewing, objection, revocation, and trademark management for overseas and domestic companies.

We take great pride in our profession and excellence, we understand the importance of standing with our clients to protect their intellectual property.

Trademark Blog

Introduction to China Trademark Registration Application

In 2013, The ChinaTrademark Office accepted 1.881,5 million trademark applications, a year-on-year increase of 14.15%, a record high, ranking the first in the world for 12 consecutive years. The accumulative number for applications from 2009 to 2013 was 6.85 million,...

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Trademark Search Taiwan trademark database (English) Taiwan trademark database (Chinese) China trademark database (English) China trademark database (Chinese) The United States trademark database WIPO database (Madrid Monitor) WIPO database (Global Brand Database)...

Introduction to Taiwan Trademark Registration Application

Why should you register your trademark in Taiwan? Taiwan is a first-to-file country, whoever applies for a trademark first, will obtain the registration even you are the one who uses the trademark first. it is very important to have your trademark been protected at...

NICE trademark classifications

Most countries around the world base their trademark classes on the same list of products and services. This list was first agreed up on at a big conference in the French city of Nice in 1957. To register your trademark, you need to decide which classes you need to...

Introduction to Taiwan Trademark Applications

Taiwan is a first-to-file country, this means that whoever applies for a trademark first will obtain the registration even if you are the one who use the trademark first.

Learn more about the different types of Taiwan trademarks, trademark classes, what you need to apply, the procedures and the length of protection.

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From Our Clients

MUSA has helped hundreds of local and International companies with their trademarks.

“MUSA’s professionals helped us with our trademarks and we would very much recommend their services.”

Elias Ek

COO, Docceo

“MUSA has helped us apply for several trademarks. Despite some tough reviews from the trademark office we appreciate MUSA’s dedication and hard work.”

Adam Hatch

CEO, Englist

“In the luxury furnishing industry we know that your name and reputation is everything, MUSA helped us protect ours.”

Lilymay Chou


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