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We help local and international businesses in trademark applications. MUSA Trademark has a network of partners worldwide to assist you in trademark registrations.


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Confused about which class to register your trademark? Want to know the pros and cons of changing your logo?  MUSA gets your strategy right so you can maximize your trademark’s potential.


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Worried about somebody else copying your trademark without permission? Let MUSA Trademark be your watchdog for potential trademark infringements.


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We assist companies in their strategic decision of brand protection through an extensive trademark report which details recommended trademark classes, goods, and services.

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Since 2009, the MUSA Trademark Team has been providing professional full-range trademark services such as application processing, search and viewing, objection, revocation, and trademark management for overseas and domestic companies.

We take great pride in our profession and excellence, we understand the importance of standing with our clients to protect their intellectual property.

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Diverse experience in applying local and international trademarks

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Hundreds of trademarks applied successfully

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Applying for a trademark involves strategy, thinking, and other factors you must consider. Let MUSA Trademark handle your trademark registration.

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Taiwan Immigrant Investors

Taiwan Immigrant Investors

Many of MUSA's customers are companies started by foreign residents who need to protect their brands and product names with a trademark registration. Unlike local entrepreneurs one of their bigger headaches are what kind of visa to apply for and if they need a work...

What You Need To Know About The Taiwan Trademark Office

If you’re looking to register a trademark in Taiwan, then you’ll be applying through the country’s trademark office. Here we’ll detail some of the main points you need to know about the Taiwanese government’s trademark office in Taipei. What is the name of Taiwan’s...

5 Good Practices Before Doing A Taiwan Trademark Search

If you’re planning on registering a Taiwan Trademark for a new business or venture, one of the first steps in ensuring you can get the trademark you want is to do a trademark database search. If you’re stuck scratching your head at how you do this, you can check...

6 Reasons Why You Need A Taiwan Trademark

If you’re a company looking to do business in Taiwan and you don’t yet have a trademark for this specific country, then it’s important you look at registering a Taiwan trademark. Here we’ll detail what we consider to be seven of the most important reasons you should...

It’s Katy Perry VS Katy Perry in the next Trademark Battle

It’s Katy Perry VS Katy Perry in the next Trademark Battle

Legal action filed against US pop star Katy Perry over her name What happens when your name is your brand, and you share that name with one of the biggest stars on the planet? We are about to find out as two Katy Perrys go head to head. An Australian fashion designer...

Luxury car firm no match for trademarked family business

Luxury car firm no match for trademarked family business

Bentley lose out in trademark battle Luxury car manufacturers Bentley may have a huge deal of prestige, history and money behind them, but it was no match for one family-run business with a cast-iron trademark. A high-court judge in the UK ruled against Bentley this...

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MUSA has helped hundreds of local and International companies with their trademarks.

MUSA's customer Docceo gives five stars

“MUSA’s professionals helped us with our trademarks and we would very much recommend their services.”

Todd Gordon

CEO, Docceo

Englist appreciate MUSA’s dedication and hard work

“MUSA has helped us apply for several trademarks. Despite some tough reviews from the trademark office we appreciate MUSA’s dedication and hard work.”

Adam Hatch

CEO, Englist

Enspyre says MUSA helped them get the best legal protection for their brand

“We have had our website copied many times over the years. I am glad to have the best legal protection for our brand.”

Elias Ek

CEO, Enspyre

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