MUSA at CanCham Trademark Workshop

Apr 19, 2018 | Events

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (CanCham) invited MUSA Trademark’s Jessie Chou on April 18, 2018, to give a short introduction about trademark protection and how to apply for trademark protection.

This is a big topic to squeeze into a 20-minute speech but the audience seemed to appreciate the short and concise introduction. After the presentation there were quite a few questions from the members.

Just like Canada, Taiwan uses the the same 45 trademark classes as determined according to the Nice Agreement.

One prominent member of the chamber asked about enforcement of trademarks in Taiwan. Taiwanese courts take trademarks very serious and it is important to register to get the necessary protection. The best protection is to have a good strategy from early on so later conflicts can be avoided. MUSA Trademark offers to be part of the process from the first brainstorming for a new company name.

What is a trademark? - MUSA Trademark

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