MUSA Trademark exists to help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the tricky world of applying for a trademark in Taiwan. In order to better serve you, we offer a number of free downloads to ensure you get the perfect trademark for your company, brand, or product.



Trademark Plan Worksheet

Download MUSA Trademark's Trademark Plan Worksheet

Sometimes to get to your destination you need a road map. Use our free Trademark Plan Worksheet to make sure your find your way to the finish line when applying for your trademark in Taiwan.

Download your free Trademark Plan Worksheet here




Taiwan Trademark Classifications List
trademark classifications list

There are 45 different classifications for your trademark. Download this list for free to make sure you are filing in the correct classification for your business or product.

Download your free Taiwan Trademark Classifications List here




TIPO Trademark Fees Schedule
trademark fees

We prepared an easy to view trademark fees from Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO).

Download your Taiwan Trademark Fee Schedule