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May 7, 2023 | Trademark Blog, Trademark Knowledge

As a Taiwan trademark agent, we always passionately emphasize the importance of Taiwan Trademark Protection and Maximize Your Potential in the Market and protecting your brand from unauthorized use and trademark squatters through trademark registration.

However, recent news of a local Taiwanese company selling its Canadian trademark “DANZE” for NTD 76,120,000 to its distributor highlights the other side of the significance of trademark registration.

It’s important to note that a trademark is a form of property that holds value in the market. The Canadian trademark “DANZE” was sold for NTD 76,120,000, reflecting its value in the Canadian market. Factors such as reputation, recognition, and exclusivity determine the value of a trademark.

Moreover, by registering a trademark, you not only gain exclusive rights to use it but also have the right to sell it as property. The recent sale of the Canadian trademark ““DANZE” ” is a perfect example of this.

The company registered their trademark, allowing them to sell it as an asset to their distributor who recognized the value of owning and using the trademark.

Additionally, a registered trademark’s value increases with its use over time. The exclusive rights granted by a registered trademark help to increase brand identity and consumer recognition, driving up the value of the trademark. As a business builds its reputation, the value of the trademark grows, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

In some cases, a company may sell its trademark even if it is no longer in operation. If another business sees value in the trademark and believes they can revive the brand, they may purchase the trademark and create new products under that name. This is known as a “resurrected brand”.
A resurrected brand is a valuable asset as it already has an established reputation and recognition in the market, saving the business time and money that would otherwise be spent on building a brand from scratch.

Finally, registering your Taiwan trademark is crucial for any business targeting the Taiwan market. It’s your property and provides legal protection, preventing others from using a similar mark and diluting your brand’s identity. Registering your Taiwan trademark also gives you the ability to license or sell your trademark, providing additional revenue streams and potential opportunities for growth.

In conclusion, the recent sale of the Canadian trademark “DANZE” for NTD 76,120,000 highlights the value of trademark registration as a form of property.
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