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MUSA Trademark is a Taipei-based Trademark Agent. We are active members of the Canadian, French and British Chambers of Commerce.

We mainly work with foreign companies in Taiwan to protect their brands and product names in Taiwan and around the world.

Case: World-famous Italian Manufacturer

Bialetti is famous for its legendary Moka Express stovetop espresso maker that revolutionized the way to enjoy espresso forever and became iconic for coffee lovers and design aficionados around the world. First designed over 80 years ago, they have manufactured over 200 million Moka Express.

Bialetti had been selling in Taiwan for quite a while but they had never applied for a Chinese language trademark which opened them up to possible infringements that they could not stop. They turned to MUSA to solve this issue.

Featured Case Studies

We have had the pleasure to work with companies from all over the world, helping them register and defend trademarks in Taiwan and around the world

OqLiq digital showcase @ London Fashion Week

OqLiq digital showcase @ London Fashion Week

Congratulations to MUSA's client oqLiq, they are about to have a digital showcase during in London Fashion Week on 2/22 PM19:30 !!! About oqLiq Taiwanese brand, oqLiq, focuses on creating high-end performance fashion using technical fabrics with an emphasis on...

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Case Study: Keego Mobility

Keego Mobility is a Taiwanese startup founded by an international group of founders. They are building a complete, environmental and sustainable solution for last mile deliveries. The complete solution is made up of their own purpose-built ebikes and escooters, an APP...

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