Case Study: Bialetti

Feb 19, 2020 | Clients

Bialetti is an Italian brand founded by Alfonso Bialetti in 1919 and now owned by Bialetti Industries, a 172 million Euro a year company.

Bialetti is famous for its legendary Moka Express stovetop espresso maker that revolutionized the way to enjoy espresso forever and became iconic for coffee lovers and design aficionados around the world. First designed over 80 years ago, they have manufactured over 200 million Moka Express.

Bialetti had been selling in Taiwan for quite a while but they had never applied for a Chinese language trademark which opened them up to possible infringements that they could not stop. They turned to MUSA to solve this issue.

There were a few questions we had to answer before making the application:

  • Were the Chinese names that they had picked out, 比樂蒂 Bǐ lè dì and 拜雷提 Bài léi tí, possible to register for trademark protection? Would it infringe on anyone else’s trademark?
  • What trademark classes and items should they register for?

To answer these questions, MUSA had to do an exhaustive trademark search looking at the exact characters that they had chosen and similar characters and pronunciations. The news was good. There were no overlapping or close trademarks so we could move on to task number two.

The government divides up all products and services in 45 classes. After studying the company background and their products, MUSA came up with a detailed list of all the classes that connected with Bialetti’s products.

Once those questions were answered, MUSA Trademark helped Bialetti Industries to apply for trademark protections for two Chinese “translations” of it’s company name names and successfully obtained registration.

See the trademarks for 比樂蒂 and 拜雷提 by clicking on the links.



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