2nd Annual Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan

Apr 29, 2018 | Trademark Blog

A full house of over 150 attendees and 5 teams (My Room Abroad, Eatsmart, KP Kitchen, Woodpecker, MemePR )facing this year’s Dragons Elias Ek, David Bostwick, Revital Shpangental Golan, and Kelvin Sun.

MUSA trademark is honored to be one of the Sponsors, all the finalist teams will have a trademark consulting service from Musa trademark.

The pitch and open discussion between the Dragons give a great value of experiences for everyone in the room, all the teams are doing a wonderful job!

Brandon Thompson is the great host for Dragons' Chamber

MUSA Trademark is a Dragons' Chamber gold sponsor

MUSA Trademark's Jessie Chou at Dragons' Chamber

The Dragons are discussing the teams presenting at Dragons' Chamber 2018




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