Beginner’s guide to registering your Trademark in Taiwan

Apr 30, 2018 | Trademark Blog

MUSA trademark is proud to be your trademark and intellectual property partner here in Taiwan. Read on as we share with you valuable and useful information on Taiwan trademark registration.

Why should you register your trademark in Taiwan?
Taiwan is a first-to-file country, whoever applies for a trademark first, will obtain the registration even you are the one who uses the trademark first. it is very important to have your trademark registered and protected at the very beginning.

What Types of Taiwan Trademarks can you register?
There are three types of the trademark you can apply: Principal Mark, Collective Mark, and Certification Mark.

Taiwan Trademark Classes
Taiwan follows the Nice Classification for the purpose of classifying Goods and Services for trademark registration.There are 45 classes of trademarks when you want to apply for a trademark you need to decide for which classes you want to register.  If you want to know more on trademark classes, here is the complete list.

What do you need to apply?

  • JPG picture format of the mark(s) you want to file.
  • Specification of your goods or services according to the International Classification.
  • Applicant’s name, nationality, address, and representative (if the applicant is a legal person). You also need to translate and transliterate your name into Chinese
  • Priority country, filing date and application number (if you had already filed the trademark in other countries).
  • Power of Attorney (POA) signed by the applicant.

Procedures and time period:
6-8 months: After applying the application, the trademark office will make their decision in 6-8 months.
1 month: if the application is approved, you will receive the notice of the registration fee. After the received your payment, the registration will be published and the trademark office will issue the Certificate of Registration usually in one month.

The term of Protection for Taiwan Trademarks
The period of validity of a registered trademark shall be ten years, counted from the date of approval of the registration. If you intend to continue to use the registered trademark, you can file the renewal application for an additional ten year. The trademark right period will go on endlessly, as long as the holder keep renew it.

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