Taiwan Trademark Application Process

May 16, 2019 | Trademark Knowledge

The Taiwan Trademark Application process is a straightforward process once it is in progress.

After we help you handing in the application, the trademark office need about 6-8 months to make their decision. If they approve the application we will receive the notice to pay the registration fee. After TIPO receives our payment, the registration will be published and about one month after that the trademark office will issue the Certificate of Registration.

Of course it is possible that the application is not approved, if so we have the chance to appeal their decision.


Taiwan Trademark Application Process

Taiwan Trademark Application Process


The more complicated questions has to be asked before handing in your application.

  • Is your mark protect-able?
  • Has anyone else registered something similar that might cause TIPO to reject your application?
  • Which of the 45 product/service classes should you apply for? You need to think about what products you might release in the near future.
  • Which countries other than Taiwan should you apply in? Here too you need to think forward.


Those are just a few of all the questions we need to answer to help you decide on your trademark strategy. If you want to know more details about the trademark application process we have a more detailed process description here.

If you have any questions about trademarks in Taiwan or around the world, please feel free to contact MUSA.

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