What You Need To Know About The Taiwan Trademark Office

Jan 7, 2020 | Trademark Knowledge

If you’re looking to register a trademark in Taiwan, then you’ll be applying through the country’s trademark office. Here we’ll detail some of the main points you need to know about the Taiwanese government’s trademark office in Taipei.

What is the name of Taiwan’s trademark office?

The office that deals with trademarks is officially known as the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, commonly called TIPO for short. This is where all of the country’s trademark applications are processed. It’s also where all of Taiwan’s patent rights and copyright laws and regulations are handled.

Where is the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) based?

It’s based in Taipei’s central Da’an district, at 185, Section 2, Xinhai Road. If you’re traveling there yourself, it’s nearest MRT stop is Technology Building Station on the brown line.

What language do they speak at the trademark office?

They speak Chinese at, which is the only language you’ll be able to effectively communicate in. This is the same at almost all of the Taiwan government’s business departments including TIPO. If you are planning to apply for a trademark yourself but are not proficient in mandarin, you’ll need to hire the services of a translator to accompany you.

Who handles affairs at the trademark office in Taiwan?

TIPO is ran by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It’s the government department responsible for policy and laws regarding such things as trademarks, patents, industry and trade, foreign investment, state-owned enterprises, energy and minerals among other things.

What can I do on the TIPO website?

The official website for TIPO is tipo.gov.tw and you can their site for a variety of trademark services. The majority of businesses and individuals use TIPO to conduct a Taiwan trademark search, to see if a trademark is available to register, or research current trademarks in Taiwan. You can learn how to conduct a trademark search in our article here.

The site also lets you see the latest trademark news regarding laws and regulations in Taiwan, such as any amendments to the Trademark Act, or annual statistics reports.

Over at TIPO, you’re also able to browse the list of trademark agents that can help you secure a Taiwan Trademark, just like we do for businesses every day at MUSA.

Does the office have any restrictions regarding trademarks in Taiwan?

There are numerous trademark rules that TIPO need you to adhere to that are country specific to Taiwan. Some of the Taiwan-specific grounds for refusal range from trademarks that are similar to the national or military flags and symbols, to a mark similar to the name/portrait of the ‘father of the nation’ Sun Yat-Sen or any other heads of state.

Where can I find out more about registering a trademark through TIPO?

Here at MUSA, we’ve created a comprehensive guide for those wishing to apply for trademark themselves. Although the process is taxing and will take a lot of time to do by yourself, we’ve aimed to make the steps as simple as possible for you to follow. Check out our guide to registering a Taiwan trademark here.

Who can smoothly assist you in securing a trademark in Taiwan?

There are a number of law firms and well-established companies in Taiwan that can provide assistance in registering a trademark. Here at MUSA, we are one such company who can take the hard work out of registering trademarks and use our expertise in the field to save you lots of time and legwork. If you’d like to get in touch with us regarding any trademark questions you have, we’d be more than happy to help

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