Trademarks – a big gun in the hands of Jeff Bezos

Sep 3, 2018 | Trademark Blog

What is Amazon’s secret sauce? Read on to find out!

Amazon is the American beast of a company that started selling books and now is making whole industries tremble. Lately, Gizmodo reported on how Amazon is now so feared that they can crash a potential competitor’s share price by just filing a trademark application.

In July,  The Street first reported that Amazon Technologies Inc. had filed for a trademark that covers “prepared food kits composed of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit and/or vegetables . . . ready for cooking and assembly as a meal.”

This sent the shares of a company called Blue Apron which is in exactly that industry down down down. In just a few hours, their shares went down 9.4%.

Whether Amazon will actually use this trademark or is just covering its bases is of course hard for anyone outside of the company to predict, but it goes to show the power of trademarks. Amazon owns Whole Foods, a grocery store, and is known for its delivery services. All of it makes sense.

Read more about their trademark information below.

Owner: Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Trademark: We do the prep. You be the chef.


Trademark Classes:

  • 29 – Meat, Fruits, Milk, and Oils
  • 30 – Coffee, Flour, Bread, Candy, and Rice Products
  • 35 – Services rendered by persons or organizations principally with the object of Help in the working or management of a commercial undertaking.

Amazon We do the prep. You be the chef trademark

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