Great Insights at Geber Brand Master Class

Sep 28, 2018 | Events

Over the last two weeks MUSA Trademark has been honored to be part of the series of Geber Brand Master Classes.

Richard DeVries Geber Brand Consulting

Richard DeVries, Geber Brand Consulting

The Speakers

Together with fantastic speakers like Geber’s own Richard deVries and Martin Hiesboeck as well as Mike Lin, founder of SEO consultant Awoo, MUSA Trademark’s Jessie Chou traveled to industrial parks in Hsinchu (9/20) and Taichung (9/27). Other speakers included Lin Jiayi, Assistant Research Fellow at the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research and Wang Lezhi, Manager at the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industry Bureau.

Taiwan Top Brands

At the event in Hsinchu, the CEO of European Chamber of Commerce (ECCT) Freddie Hoglund joined and introduced ECCT and some common challenges that companies in Taiwan face like for example hiring qualified people. He also talked about how European firms are now investing in renewable energy in Taiwan.

Speakers at the Geber Brand Marketing Master Class

Speakers at the Geber Brand Marketing Master Class

Marketing For Industrial Brands

The topics covered during the half-day classes were a very comprehensive overview of the latest trends and best tools for branding, marketing, design, website, search engine optimization, integrated marketing, brand marketing and trademark protection, all tailored for industrial brands.

Geber Consulting is helping many of Taiwan’s most famous brands to grow and improve. Customers include such famous customers as Fujitsu, Synology, Kymco, Intel, Microsoft, NCCU, NTU, China Airlines, ITRI, TAITRA and many more.

Any business needs to work hard to reach customers and do so using the most efficient methods. Over the last 10 years, digital marketing in all its forms has come up as essential parts of the marketer’s toolbox. At the same time it is interesting to note that these seminars themselves show how important the face to face meetings are for connecting with people.

Brands Need to Be Protected

The more that companies put themselves out there to reach and communicate with customers and other stakeholders, the more important the issue of trademark protection becomes. Just like identity theft is a growing problem for individuals, counterfeiting and trademark squatting is a huge problem for companies.

MUSA Trademark’s Jessie Chou talked about how companies should be more vigilant about protecting their good name. Many companies either forget about registering trademarks all together, or they register in the wrong trademark classes or the wrong countries. Many companies register a trademark when they first start their companies but later when they expand to new products and new markets they forget to also expand their protection.

Value of Trademarks - MUSA Trademark

About Organizer Geber

Geber Consulting is Taiwan’s leading brand internationalization agency. They offer complete Brand Strategy services including Brand Positioning, CIS Design, Digital Marketing and Brand Management Training to transform existing and new brands. They combine consumer insights, an international perspective and a diverse team of professionals to help the customer create brands that connect with your customer.

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