MUSA to speak at Geber Brand Master Class

Sep 13, 2018 | Events

MUSA Trademark is proud to be invited by Geber Consulting to co-organize and participate as one of several eminent speakers at their series of three brand Master Classes.

This brand marketing class invites marketing experts from various fields in Taiwan to share the latest trends and best tools for branding, marketing, design, website, search engine optimization, integrated marketing, and trademark protection tailored for industrial brands.

If you spend time and money to develop your brand and image, you also have to invest in getting legal trademark protection so squatters and trolls can’t infringe on your intellectual property and identity.


  • Hsinchu 09/20 13:00 – 17:30 | Edison Room, Bamboo Science and Technology Living Hall (No. 1 Industrial East 2nd Road, East District, Hsinchu City)
  • Tainan 09/21 13:00 – 17:30 | Nanji Yucheng Center B101 International Conference Hall (No. 12, Nanke 2nd Road, New City, Tainan City)
  • Taichung 09/27 13:30 – 18:00 | Room 702, Central Office of Zhongke Park Association (7F, Industrial Building, No. 2, Zhongke Road, Xitun District, Taichung City)

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About Geber

Geber Consulting is Taiwan’s leading brand internationalization agency. They offer complete Brand Strategy services including Brand Positioning, CIS Design, Digital Marketing and Brand Management Training to transform existing and new brands. We combine consumer insights, an international perspective and a diverse team of professionals to help the customer create brands that connect with your customer.

Customers include such famous customers as Fujitsu, Synology, Kymco, Intel, Microsoft, NCCU, NTU, China Airlines, ITRI, TAITRA and many more.


  • Richard deVries, General Manager, Geber
  • Freddie Höglund, CEO, European Chamber of Commerce
  • Martin Hiesboeck, Digital Marketing Director, Geber
  • Lisa Wang Digital, Marketing Manager, Geber
  • Zoe Lo Gebo, Brand Marketing Consultant
  • Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs “Brand Taiwan Development Plan”
  • Mike Lin, Founder, Awoo SEO
  • Ye Yizhi, Project Manager, Gaia Technology
  • Nicola Yen, Business Manager, Taipei Digital Group
  • Lin Jiayi, Assistant Research Fellow, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
  • Jessie Chou, CEO, MUSA Trademark

Ticket Information | Free admission (requires prior registration, one company is limited to 3 colleagues)
Registration Method | Fill in the registration form (each participant must fill in)
Admission method | Admission 30 minutes before the event starts, please provide 1 card
Organizer | Gebo Brand Marketing Consultant Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer | Brand Taiwan Development Plan, Awoo, Tellustek Taipei Digital Group, MUSA
Event Contact | 02-2708-1270 Miss Lisa


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