Amazon Brand Registry – Safe Road To Online Sales

May 9, 2019 | Trademark Knowledge

Amazon Brand Registry help you protect your brand

With sales of USD117 Billion, Amazon has become an indispensable sales platform for many companies. But, many brands fear doing business on Amazon because of widespread counterfeiting. To combat the issue, the e-commerce leader released the Amazon Brand Registry. Should your company sign up?

In Taiwan exports make up 70% of GDP. About 36% of Taiwan’s 1.3 million companies, small and large, are engaged in exports. Many Taiwanese companies are looking at Amazon as an effective conduit to world markets.

Amazon Brand Registry

To combat the issue, Amazon established their Amazon Brand Registry to make it easier for brand owners to stop counterfeiters. In the beginning, the Brand Registry program only required a product image with the brand name and a link to an active website that included the brand name in the URL to prove ownership. Now, a registered trademark is required. There are different requirements for different countries (US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UAE, Japan, India and Australia).

Registration can take up to 10 months, but the wait is well worth it. Once accepted, rights owners receive sole possession of product listings associated with their brand, as well as access to Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content program. Amazon then allows them to customize their product listings with images, headers and bullet points.

Members also have more sway in disputes within Amazon over product listings over non-trademarked, unregistered sellers. These benefits give rights owners who go through the lengthy trademark process a distinct advantage over vendors who can’t or won’t.

Report Copies and Counterfeits

Once you are a registered and find that someone is selling copies or counterfeits of your products on Amazon, you can contact a dedicated Amazon support team or use a tool to identify and report counterfeit violations. Amazon has agreed to respond to all counterfeit claims in four hours or less.

You can also assign various roles (such as administrator, rights owner or registered agent) to different employees or outside serviced providers.

The Amazon Brand Registry is a great program to help you protect your brand on the world’s most important online marketplace.


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