Trademark News – Wrestlers, Foldable Phones & Weight Watchers Are Gone

Sep 25, 2018 | Trademark Blog, Trademark Knowledge

When you look at the news with the eyes of a Taiwanese Trademark Agent, it is remarkable how much one can learn about the world. Trademark News are fun if you can imagine!

In the last week, several news items have caught our attention.

Wrestling Star Trademarks Rowdy

Are you into wrestling? Well, not me either, but it is undeniably a past-time watched by millions. It is a sport (entertainment?) that is about impressive moves, big personalities and lots of money.

“Rowdy” Ronda Jean Rousey is a 30-year-old American wrestler who is wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She is the current Raw Women’s Champion. Lately, she has filed trademarks related to her nickname; “The Rowdy Ones” for not only for merchandising purposes but wrestling as well. She also registered the trademark “Rowdywear”. All registered under her company ROWDY RONDA, INC.

Those who know more about this industry says that it is unusual for wrestlers to register their own trademarks, the league they are signed with usually do this. A few months ago we reported about on the trademark news how during the football World Cup, the French player Mbappé quickly saw his name being trademarked by squatters.

This goes to show how important it is for high-achieving people in sports, entertainment, music and so on to protect their names and take control of their identity and intellectual property.

Samsung Goes Foldable?

Some other interesting news came from Samsung, the Korean tech giant. They have started to trademark the terms “The Future Unfolds” and ‘Samsung Buds”. Now the watchers of that industry are trying to divine what that means. Some people think that Samsung is about to come up with a foldable, perhaps even a bendable? And will Samsung make a big push into the headset market? Time will tell. At least they are doing things in the right order – protection first.

It is interesting to note that if Samsung did NOT want people to discuss these trademarks they could have tried to hide the applications for six months by playing the priority filing game as we wrote about Rimowa doing. But, having people spend their precious time discussing and guessing what products you will come out with is of course great marketing.

Weight Watchers Slims Down to WW

Weight Watchers is a decades-old company that has given hopes to millions of people around the world that they can slim down. But now they are changing their name, branding, and trademarks to just WW. See the US Trademark here.

Taiwan Trademark News Weight Watchers WW

They argue that their products and services are more about being wholesome and healthy than just weight loss. We’ll have to see if people will learn to say that they are going to “double-u double-u” for support to get more healthy and wholesome.

Stay safe, keep up with your trademarks! What markets or product categories is YOUR company entering in the next year? Do you have all the trademarks you need to be protected?

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