Why you need trademark agents

Oct 5, 2018 | Trademark Blog

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) provides resources and steps for companies and small businesses to apply and register their trademarks directly. So why do businesses need trademark agents for this matter? Below are some reasons why you need dependable agents to help you get things right.

Trademark research assistance

Researching the Taiwan trademark database can be confusing. But is crucial before handing in an application to ensure that your trademark and slogan is unique and legally acceptable for your business. Trademark agents will put together a research report which will provide you advice about the search results. It is ideal that in this phase you should confirm and clarify any doubts that you may have about the process. Also, if you have questions on the steps on trademark registration, you can also put it forward.

Trademark application

A trademark agent is a duly recognized legal entity that can submit your trademark application on your behalf. The submission itself is easy, but it will have an effect on the whole trademark registration process so make sure that there are no mistakes in the application. We have seen many cases where clients submit it by themselves and often end up going back and forth to the office to correct mistakes. Having a trademark agent by your side ensures that legal issues are covered and can explain the whole process for you. Mistakes can be expensive, so make sure that you get help with your trademark application.

When venturing into a new business

If you are pouring money into your new business and want to protect your wordmark or slogan right away, it is best to consult a trademark agent first before committing any resources.

Avoiding potential conflicts

If there are some potential trademark infringements on the trademark you are planning to register, trademark attorneys can warn you about its downsides. For example, we have seen some cases where its best to change the trademark rather than risk court appeals.

Trademark follow-up

Not only are trademark agents assisting you in registering your trademarks; they also can help in making sure that no one infringes upon your intellectual property. TIPO can’t help you protect your trademark but having a team on your side helps you in enforcing your trademark. MUSA periodically does searches for all our clients to review if any infringing applications have been made. Moreover, MUSA and our legal partners partners can help you issue a cease and desist letter shall you need one. A cease and desist letter is a notification of trademark infringement and is a first step to litigation.

Trademark agents adds value

Knowledge of trademark laws and procedures require the help of trademark professionals. Hence it is important to pick a dependable and knowledgeable trademark agent to help you guide through the process. They must be ready to answer your questions and address any doubts you may have.

Hiring a trademark professional is a great investment for your business. From registration to follow-ups and disputes, a professional agent can add great value to your business.

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