Case Study: Establishment Labs

Feb 19, 2020 | Clients, Taiwan Trademark

Establishment Labs Holdings Inc. is a global, NASDAQ-listed, high-tech medical device and aesthetics company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets an innovative product portfolio consisting of advanced silicone-filled breast and body shaping implants.

In a press release in the beginning of December 2019, Juan José Chacón-Quirós, Founder and CEO of Establishment Labs, was quoted, “In our tenth commercial year with Motiva Implants®, we celebrate another important milestone, as we announce that we have one million Motiva Implants® in market.”

With such large successes it is not hard to see that the Motiva Implants brand is very valuable and that Establishment Labs should protect it with all tools available.

That is why in 2019 when Establishment Lab was getting ready to launch the Motiva Implants breast implants in Taiwan, to ensure their valuable brand was protected, they turned to MUSA Trademark. MUSA Trademark helped them formulate a trademark strategy for Taiwan and successfully gain full trademark protection in Taiwan.

During the process, we not only conduct research and checking the database to look for the infringer, filing the application to protect their core product MOTIVA but also protect their company name Establishment Labs which is commonly being left behind when a company launches their product in a foreign market.

MUSA Trademark team had help the Establishment Labs to apply for the trademark protection in trademark classes 09, 010 and 044. Their trademarks:

Establishment Labs Logo Trademark

Motiva Logo Trademark

See their successfully issued trademark registration at the TIPO trademark database.

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