Case Study: Keego Mobility

Feb 1, 2021 | Clients, EU Trademark, Taiwan Trademark

Keego Mobility is a Taiwanese startup founded by an international group of founders. They are building a complete, environmental and sustainable solution for last mile deliveries.

The complete solution is made up of their own purpose-built ebikes and escooters, an APP for drivers and a SaaS backend portal for Fleet Managers.

Before they had even registered their business, they came to MUSA to discuss their trademark strategy. They had picked out a company name which after searching the trademark databases of a few countries on their priority list, MUSA advised them against using. There were just too many similarly named companies or products on the market already.

There next list of five potential company names were also impossible. It was not until they sent yet another list of five potential names that we found one that would be easy to protect in most markets.

Keego Mobility Logo

Working on a strict budget, they first applied for protection in the European Union and later as the company received more investments and sales extended the protection to more target markets.






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