Case Study: Guruming Tech

Aug 14, 2020 | Clients

Guruming is a trusted partner of Taiwanese OEMs/ODMs/OBMs in the fields of Industrial & Consumer Electronics, Military computer systems, heavy transportation electronics, and more. Lately they then expanded their product lineup with RozSkin, a line of personal skincare products for example the patented ultra fine microfiber skin rubs.

What kind of service MUSA provide: MUSA assisted Guruming Tech to apply for the RozSkin trademark registration in the United States.


透過亞馬遜台北站的招商經理Sandy介紹, MUSA清楚的瞭解知道我司所需要的服務項目,協助我司可以提交完整的申請資料, 順利註冊到在美國的商標權 

We know MUSA trademark from the introduction of Amazon’s business development manager in Taiwan. MUSA clearly understand our needs and assist us to file the trademark application in the US. After entrust MUSA trademark, we obtain the trademark registration successfully,

says Sandy Wang, Shipping/Business Assistant at Guruming Tech Co., Ltd,

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