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We live, eat and breathe all things trademark. We also love interacting with all our customers who create all the wonderful things that needs to be protected.

MOJUMOJO Launch Party

Congratulations to our cool client MOJUMOJO and our dear friends from Fairy Taipei for a successful night. What a night to remember! It is always a pleasure to bring our friends together. MOJUMOJO is a new brand of premium, pH 5.5 balanced lubricants that mimics the...

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Taiwan Trademark Application Process

The Taiwan Trademark Application process is a straightforward process once it is in progress. After we help you handing in the application, the trademark office need about 6-8 months to make their decision. If they approve the application we will receive the notice to...

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Amazon Battling Counterfeit Products

Amazon does 141 Billion dollars worth of sales to 300 Million customers. 58% of the sales are made by third-party sellers that reach customers via Amazon's websites and often use Amazon to ship the products to the customer. With so many vendors and so much sales, bad...

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Louisvui ton chicken?

You may think trademark infringement cases only involve big companies. But we present to you a case that involves a small business that infringed on a famous company's trademark. What is Trademark Theft? How Can It Be Prevented? This is a funny yet true story...

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