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MUSA at Meet Taipei 2018 Day 2

Day 2 of Meet Taipei is starting! Yesterday, we had a lot of questions regarding #trademark #applications. Most of the companies ask us if it is global? Certainly not! Most countries' honor "first to file", which means whoever files first for...

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2018 Dragons’ Chamber Finalists Announced

MUSA Trademark is for the second year in a row the proud sponsor of the Dragons' Chamber Pitch event co-organized by the Canadian Chamber, Canadian Trade Office, Enspyre, Reach To Teach and Anemone Ventures. Now the 2018 Dragons' Chamber Finalists are announced. This...

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Why you need trademark agents

The Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) provides resources and steps for companies and small businesses to apply and register their trademarks directly. So why do businesses need trademark agents for this matter? Below are some reasons why you need dependable...

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